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the old man with the pots and pans

July 16, 2012

as i walk along the country road on a hot summers night its late september with no breeze about its so hot i think as i hear the larks up a bove singing in full song as i carry on around the steep bends as i walk by the deep pound where its been said that many people have come to greef and ended up in it over the years as contiue on mu way passed the laurrle heage all of a sudden it gets dark as the breeze blows up as i hear like hoof s comeing along the road all of a sudden there are theses shire horce and this old man lookin down at me dia duit as the pots and pans rattle want to buy a pan how much are they 4grouts for 7ins 2grouts for 2ins 6duckets for 9ins   he says wat sort of money is that  im from the past centrys ago time for me to go rember your anncesters and dont forget and as you say in this english landwige b and he was gone as i looked around as i looked at my watch its stopped then allof a sudden time started to moove again and the daylight retured as i ran down the road and rassed in and locked the door

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