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the final summery of p.t.o.r. as it didnt work out

August 18, 2012

as i was serching through my storys the other day i came across this poem that i wrote 3 years ago now so here it is  oh look here he is again in his porch car with the top down as paul goes down the street with a grin on his face as he speedsdown the road like in a race and there he over there as he looks at me with a smile on his face as he says hello with his eyes so blue matches the car as he puts on his sun glasses and drives off once again as i walk by his shopas he sits in the window as he trys to look up my short shorts and nearly falls of his chair as i go in well john called and said u wasnt waering that earlier so u must of gone home to change  so now paul thats it mind u at the time u did say that u was seeing 3 other woman its a shame it didnt work out and now its time to moove on at last im free of u and its not like u didnt have enough oppertunitys well was it and go tospec savers  they do 2 4 the price of one if u think the old hag ur with is so good looking bye silly boy that u were

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