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as i say a final goodbye to paul and kieth as i get ready for a life in chelmsford part one 1974 to 1974

August 24, 2012

as i arrive in chelmsford it was a shock all theses people and strange bed bussess they are so big and its so busy with people rushing about as the pace of life is so quick a part of me wants to go back to the country theres no clean air and ive never seen so many people before its like coming to annother world and there are men in all different sizes but they dont speak like i do as i get on this big bus from the back how wiered is that were do i get off as it stops out side one of these big shops as i get to step off the bus moves and i end up in this big handsome mans arms u okay mate i am now i said as i walk along the street i feel so small as i go up the road after a walk around i look for the bus that goes to spring field as we lived in the prisson yard trinity close at the time

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