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as we spin back in time to 65million years ago and ask the question why did the bronasauras becomes exstined

August 28, 2012

well what an interesting question well if they went to wher i live it would be under stand able as the single man seems to be non existin here  and its not for the want of trying and beleve u me i have tryed everthing to find one as i see the wedding rings shine in the day light like a warning to say not available as in london ur put under so much pressure to find some one but as u would of read in other storys that its been as they say a pr dissaster and i have found my self not finding any answera to this proplem i havfound my self in i was once told that men hunt not here they dont as i reamber going to these night clubs only to find that i just wanted to jump under the bus an d when the smoking ban came in that killed me going out on the town only tospittles fields life functions i go to now

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