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the bethnall green years as i go back to 2007 and the skinboy on the wall out side cambrideheath station

September 24, 2012

oh friday afternoon and as it was a hot summers day i put my pink shorts on and thought theres no men as per usalle no chance there then  as i thouht some reatail theripy is what i want as i go past sam the  curtainmans curtain shop as i think of how i could let him show me scotland in  a new lightt oh well i wish any way passt the office supplie shop as i turn into the staion as i see this older skin  boy with his 20hole dms on his feet in  hiis armey greens as i thought i wonder if a older modle would want to play as i wink at him so he said wat u looking at bitch no one looks at me so i said well i just have cor as i looked at this specimie of a man so i stood in frount of him  for a few seconds see u laters big boy u know u want to go on enjoy ur self as i shot up to the top out of breath hopeing he would of chsed me oh typiical men when i went down the stares he was gone just my luck oh well looks like its shopping after all  as i loked around the shopps wat is it with bethnall green men he was so sexy he never did sit on the wall again but i did see him  when i wass  onn the bus 2years later in 2009 with his leg inn plaster men

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