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time to spin back to 1988 and a night at the party in the pub

September 24, 2012

on the rare occation that i ever went to the pub i must admit i dont like going to pubs as i stand there out side the door thinking shall i go in its not knowing wat to expect any way after much debating i vencher in as i lite up a cigarette and order my rum and coke as i sit at the bar as  i look around i see all these posh guys in suits looking at me as one of them called sheradon starts chatting me up and then bored me nearly to death when he started talking about his kids on how wonderfull they are and how his dog is the best and how much he loves and idellises his wife as this other  guy much younger than him kisses him on the lips as i put my foot in it oh is this your son oh no  iits my boyfriend as the man goes into the toilet sheradon said hows about a bit of hows your farther on friday night i beg your parden what u having a reacrutement campain or some thing grandad what u after the full set not on  your nelly no ones rreafused me before well its come  as a shock then  hasnt it issaid and as the night went oonn 3 other guys asked if ii waanted a bit of hows your fartherr as i told them i havent seen my farther iin years and 3s a croud and  one got to frisky so as i orderd a pint of larger he said i didnt know u drank pints oh no its for u mr kinky git as i through it all over him and said on fridays i wash my hair and put me little rollers in my pussy to make sure my other hair is niice and curly so thhere boys bye to u all  and left i must admit that put me off suited guys all these years later

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