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evenchally i did pass my driving test in hornchurch in essx in 1988 august after 3 attemps

September 25, 2012




   prefesional lessons with a driving school i went for my first test in chelmsford and failed as i took the wrong turning and he said your to near the white line as i told him if i go to near thhe curb i willl get the tyres dirty on one side and then they wont match will they then i went too southend for the second test and failled cos as i told him hair comes first and i didnt like thet amber light as it looked a bit dirty so i will wait for the green one and i was llookinn at them new shoes in the shop window  we dont have shoes like that in braintree branch but on the 3rd time i  passed with flying colours   but i stuck to auto matics as i couldnt get on with manuals as i didnt like the thought of beeing biten when the cluch came up to the bite and as for the enging note that was supposed to change i could never hear it making it autos are better


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