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time to go back in time to meet carl from 1994 the last of the seris of pigs

October 17, 2012

as its comong up to 19 years since i came to london totenham and on that fate full night when i first visted a night club in stepney green on decenber the 9th infact little did i realise that this lieing indervissal for the nent 6monthes would allways vist me in tottenham and sak for money not just a tenner but 100s of pounds and it got to the stage when id wished i never saw the place so how did it all start well i must admit i was in to minds about going out that night in the first place shal i go or shall i stay i thought but i thought it was time to make some friends so off i went on teds advise it was quite easy to get to any way in i went and had a drink and this man smiled at me we chatted for a while and he said i live in bethnall green i walk u to the bus okay any way he said i dont live far from the white chapple road come in for a drink so i did it got late and he said stay the night i was worred men in that way for me  are uncharted territory so he showed me to the spare room and told me how lonely he was as he hadnt been here long him self i felt sorry fpr him he said he was bifocol in the morning he walked me to the train bethnal green so i gave him my mobile number and we agreed to meet on the following weelend he came around i notest he had a ss tatoe on his arm as i said i dont judge people wat u do is your own affair all of the sudden his fone kept ringing and he would dissapear out side and come back in a mood i didnt think much to it he said that he had the mmoney for a mooble fone and it had gone up could iput the money to it as the one he had was his brotheres and he wanted it back so i agreed then he wanted some more tattoes then one night he said he had no food after going in the massarge plase and had hows your farther and could i put the money in a taxi to his address so i said i will come wats the saying a friend in need when i turned up some time later he had nothing in his food cupord after a few mins i gave him the money and he took it and flinched and i left one day i came to bethnal green by the oftchance and saw him in the town with his arm around a jamacon woman when he came to mmy door a couple of  days later i said u hippercrit your into that ss stuff which is bad nough but u didnt say u  had a girlfriend so he said i dont need u i managed before i will manage again a few monthes later i saw a mate of his he said that they was lovers and that he allways had loads of dosh even though he was on  the dole and he must have some other mug to bank roll him when i rang the sammaritons they said he mugged u in a nice way

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