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time time to travel back in time and once again reamember rubber jonney from 2004 2009 the second hand dealer 1of 4

October 19, 2012

i have known many second hand dealers in my time and now its time to look back at the famous 4 and i start with rubber jonney  who used to have a little shop in ganton street in the town let me tell u the times i had to pull that man up over his not turning up on time and it times it was a tight squeese to get the right price out of him and if u didnt pin theat jonney down he would wriggle out of it as i used to say i will send u a  french letter if u dont behave but in the end he would delerver the goods but sadly rubbers shop has been  flatened and no rubber no more so good bye rubber jonney  i wonder if he could read a french letter

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