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time to look once again at farmer paul from 1969 and on that dreadfull day and the events when his sister threatend me and a bann was put into forse at 6years old

October 20, 2012

it was the day unknown to me that my mother got marred to the man she was seeing as i stood in the kitchen with my aunt who was good at keeping secrets as i asked wherrees mum ?she didnt reaply so after i saw the pigs kieth and paul i stood by the gate and looked across at farmers paul s farm he was out side in the deck chair so i went across and held his hand as he sat me on his lap it wasnt as comfortable as it usaly was as he had a big grin on his face just stay there he said are u comfortable he said as he looked at my top as he said u need a bra ur looking nice up there and smiled as i looked in to his big eyes and notest his hand mooving near my top allof a sudden his sister came across and said i will tell ur aunt now goe i didnt under stand wat i did wrong i allways sat on pauls lap he was like my dad as she smaked my fase paul did nothing as i ran over the road paul said when your old i will come back  to see u and one day i will be there to come for u when u die i told my aunt wat had happend she said oh never mind and i allways put it too the back of my mind untill i saw the ghost of him in the shopand when one old bitch in the local supper market threatend me about her builder son having got some photos of me after one of his mates had given him it  it seems strang how somethings in time never seem to go away i suppose u learn to live with it i didnt see paul for a few monthes then he asked me to help him with the cows and after a few times i left and we mooved away to essex  but unfortually it set a presadent for any bloke i have come into contact with they give me the come on pretent to be my friend and then do wat he did and as i get older it gets harder men

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