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time to say a final good bye to paul and kieth the pigs on the farm in 1973 october31st halloween

October 20, 2012
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happy halloween boys as a special treet heres some pumkin pie for u now dont eat it all at once come along paul u know u want to nice isnt it as u know boys its time for me to go to town life so there will be no more cakes unlee i come for the holidays sadly i cant take u with me even thou i would like  to im going to realy miss u and i will never forget u so please dont for get me now will u but sadly time mooves on now that mother has got marred again im just a kid what do i know oh your my little babys arent thee now paul dont look at thee like that come on out u go and behave ur selfs  i hope when i meet the two legged versions of ur names they will be better behaved in the word of boys that im yet to meet in lifeand where do u think ur going kieth?.come back u fat pig now look at u all coverd in mud now paul that does nt meen that u must do the same as he gruntsach that hurt as paul look at my clean top its all coverd in pumkin juice id wish u would wipe ur snout its was bad enough when farmer paul had his hand down my top in 1969 in a way i shall be glad when im gone its been four years since that terrible day right then boys its time for me to go as i put my arms around there fat necks take good care of your selfs wont you i wont for get you ever as they grunt is that a tear i see in your eyes boys as i wipe my tears on there fases and walk away as i look across at farmer pauls plase as i see him standing there like so many times befor as i say good bye to my aunt and get in the car as i think no tears as mother often says its a sign of weekness and then i was gone and i never went back to see farmrer paul or any of the animals ever again as for paul and kieth apparently there was a terrible fire and they perrished as for farmer paul the cows were sold and he used to walk around the village in a dased state trouble in his mind and died 3years ago  and i miss them all after all these years 

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