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the two nasty school girls on the train from manor park to forest gate one saturday in 2011

October 21, 2012

first ofb all i would like to thank the man with long hair who told the mixed race nasty girls to mind there own bussness it all started one saturday in the summer i dont usally go to illford by train at the week end but i had to pay kieths install ment on my store card even thou i havent seen him in nearly 4 years now any way i was sitting on the train by the window minding my own bussness when these two obnocious girls about 14 years old got on and sat in front of me when they said are u a man or a woman we want to know as u are white ny way the guy sitting oppisit said to them mind your own bussness and then they turned on him say he looked like a poof how rude any way i told them off god knows wat they teach them in schools these days a few mannors would be a syart i would of thought nas the train pulled onto the station at forest gate they got off this other man came in from the other carrage and asked wat had gone on i thanked the guy for standing up for me but i wont be traveling to illford again on a saturday afternoon i can tell u  and to the guy with the long hair thanks once again 

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