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as its that time of year nearly again to make halloween biscuits they are very easy to make and theres nothing like having something in your oven

October 24, 2012






HALLOWEEN is fast WHAT U NEED 80zs of plain flour.40z of butter or if u prefer marg,40zs of brown sugar.i teaspoon of backing powder .one tea spoon of ground cinnamon/10 grated almonds .one egg table spoon of milk.dont for get to keep the white of the egg u will need it later for the topping .


sieve together all the dry ingredents

2cream butter or marg and sugar in a large mixing bowl then fold in all the other ingredents untill smooth continuency.

4 roll out on a lightly floured topabout 8th of an inch thickness and then cut into rounds i allways use a cup to cut the pastry .place on geesed baking tray

in a small mixing bowl plase the egg white 2table spoons of caster sugar and half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and mix together brush on top of biscits then place in pre heated oven electric setting 350 f or or 180 centergrade or gas 6 depending on your stove for 15 to 20 mins leave to cool enjoy have a happy halloween now .

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