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black berry picking time theres nothing like the freash taste of black berry jam on freshly buttered toast

October 24, 2012




when i used to live in braintree and my mother in a small village near by i used to take a small bowl and go along the head rows to pick the black berry s of the bushes to make home made jam theres was allways plenty to oick and its marvolus how nature if u look has a free store cupbord  along the headge rows so heres a resipy that i allways use



so all u need is 6lbs of ripe black berrys

4and a half pints of water 8lbs of sugar.

simmer fruite in the water untill tender add the sugarcook slowly strirring untill the sugar has dissoved bring back to the boil high setting continuosly stirring for approx12 to 15mins u can test by putting a little on a saucer to see the thick ness if cooked the jam should crinkle when u push it about with a spoon when cool if so put into warm jars and fill to the top place paper covers on inside top of jar then put tops on and lable  the jar with date on them enjoy

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  1. Libby Hall permalink
    October 25, 2012 7:18 am

    Lovely to have cosy recipes for this time of year. Thank you!

    I have found a booklet for the Baby Belling we both have.. I think it should be yours. I think you should come round for tea or coffee one day.

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