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so its time once again to meet sam from 2002 to 2011 a very nice man from hackney road curtain shop and reambering paul maccorioni from2003 to 2007

October 25, 2012





i knew sam the curtain taylor man for quite a few years as i used to cross the hackney road there he would be in his shop making his curtains to sell and was allways a pleasent guy and never had a bad word for any one as he allways made nice comments about my  lastest out fits as well as his mate fread oppisit and the strange thing with him is that he never got any older perhaps it was his baby fase  but sadly  in december he closed his shoppy for the last time and i never saw him again i suppose i think he would allways be there making his curtains and hackney road lost a great shop now the shop is being refitted  wat it will be we will see .and in my time a few of the traders have gone from hackney road like there used to be one from 2003 to 2007 called paul yes another paul maceroni and boy what a man usally pauls are very hansome guys but there u go and he used to run a second hand shop he had the two with his mate then one closed down and then so did he  and as i walk by i reamember thats another person i dont see no more and that make me very sad

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