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time to go back in time to the poplar years when i first met the leyton wapper in 2002 to 2012

October 25, 2012

i think of all the second hand dealers i ever had dealing with the leyton wapper i heard so much about him long before i ever mmet him and the storys that he  liked black pussys as i once told him ab puss big boy then one day i was in my kitchen art carron close waiting for my fride to be delevierd when he came to the the door with the dealer who brought the fridge they were right he was and still is a big powerfully built man with big hands and strong or wat he just brought the fridge in like it was no effort s at all and he used to do the house clerances for the loocal area and when i mooved to bethnall green i used to see him ride in with his gang of helpers in tow as fot and big like buchers dogs and u can allways tell whe n they are in town with his deep powerfull voice giving the comands to his boys as i used to see what he had to show me to buy but sadly the leyton wapper dont work this area  no more but if u see him u cant misstake him or his gang when they are in town

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