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as halloween fast approches its time to look at making some pumpkin resipys whick in bethnall green are nearly im possible to find even thou plenty of pumkins on sale but heres one i found in the locl book shop plus some wich i regularly make from year to year

October 27, 2012






theres nothing like the good old pumkin at this time of year with tis brightly orange in colour  and they are so verseitile as well as making halloween lanterns ist suppriseing wat other uses they have  from being madeinto a crumble to soups and of cource the good old pumkin pie .

pumkin savory crumble.

first of all pre heat oven to 325f or 170c .or gas mk 3 allow 1 pound of pumkin peeled and die sed per person .make bread crumbs with 50zs of plain flour add salt and crushed glove of garlic and a sprig of parsey put into greased dish and put a little butter on the top cook in oven for 2 and a half hours make sure the top is brown and done then serve.

pumkintasty pudding

first of all u will need 3to 4lb pumkin and 10 fiuid ozs  of water 4ozs of white sugar i grated orange how to do it peel and dice the pumkin then simmer forb about 10mins untill soft in the water with the rind of the orangand  sugar  leave to cool and serve chilled

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