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theres nothing like good old pumpkin pie and have a happy halloween to every one in ireland usa and cornwalland england

October 27, 2012

u will need one egg  3onzes of brown sugar 8ozs of mashed pumkin  one teaspoon of ground cinnamon half a teaspoon of ground ginger  one pinch of salt 3 table spoons of double cream 1 pound of shortcrust pastry      how to do it


preheat oven to 450 f 0r 230 c or gas mk 8 mix egg and sugar to gether untill fluffy then add cooked pumkin puree then add ginger cinnamon salt and cream roll out pastry in a 8inch backing tin well greased put in fillin g cook for 7mins then turn the oven down to 325 0r 170 gas 3 for 40 mins plase walnuts on the top then leave to cool then cut into porsions and serve enjoy 

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