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time to go back to 1975 and a vist to cornwall a very nice place

October 27, 2012







 before my step farther died in 1976 we all went to corn wall and i reamember trying very hard to find out more about the people and there language and its rich history as as country in a country but sadly at the time as i suddested to the teacher why in england why cornish was not taught in school or even welsh as i pointed out in my view that its most rude to vist a plase and not make the effort to try and learn the langwich but sadly i could only  reamember some words that i reamberd from my aunt  wich is how powl mynnau gyllybh a yllowghhwidos?kettell dy yow misdu guews hanterd ydh nos powl lowen.which if reamember rightly means in english  hello pauli want can u come as soon as thursday november 9th at 12pm paul  and thats i i ever leaned and after years of not getting any books that apparently out of print i vised the local book shop and managed o order some collect on thursday next week so i will hoply be able to lean some more after all this time after all corn wall has a rich history of pirerets and with its ruggredd coast line with ships that flouderd on the rocks and the marvolios plases to vist like pens redruthpens ants  lands end just to name a few i allways thought of cornwall as a country in a country uk and l well worth a vist with its wonderfull people  well worth a vist

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