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time to look back for the very last time to the other second hand dealers and how it all started back in 1980 such a long time a go now

October 28, 2012

i first came along the first second hand dealer called big bill who and his mate ran a shop in railway street braintree  which mostly was furnature that they sold and there was econ appilances ran by this hunky guy called big dave who also had a branch in colcester town i tell u wat a man who used to ride into town on his big moterbike machine  then one or two others opened up from time to time and some cooker shops in clacton town then there was new life electrics run by this nice pleasent guy called ian then when i mooved to london tootenham i found some more and thats how i came into contact with that kieth and his piss taking mate bob the others in the shop was okay but thats enough of that lot best forgotten about after all theses years that have passed  then i came accross big allan from harring gay then he left and big p runs the outfit then on to tottenham high road there was 4 dealers there one used to ride in from watford called big randy i often wonderd if he was really randy but never went there then i went to stoke newington the posh place that it is and met sean who was jameys mate and he used to have a shop there then there was the cobbled yard still run by carol and stevethen closer to home big brain of shad well and samm sam of under the brige in bethnall green who still trades to day with his array of goods on display then finally d and l of bacon street well worth a look and big play boy dez and a couple from the southend area but sadly there never found my cooker i wanted oh well some things werent not to be i suppose but there u go

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  1. Libby Hall permalink
    October 28, 2012 9:03 pm

    This brings back so many happy memories of my husband and I rummaging around in some of these shops – and many others all over the East End. And so many wonderful boot sales.

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