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they rode in from shepherdes walk from islington county approx 7years ago like knights of old the brothers 3 p.t.o.r.and his brothers

October 29, 2012

DSCF0182DSCF0213        for quite a few yers i knew theses band of brothers when i first visted slater street in the early days  and i used to look around there shop and didnt think any thing of it untill i met p.t.o.r.then he came into my life and i knew that this was the ram for me he was handsome charming and from day one he had the look i was looking for with thous big blue eyes and that smile and when i went back to his shop and met his cute little mate mitch i knew then as his mate videoed me on his mooble fone as p.t,o.r. said no one gets under my skin as i thought at the time thats what u think as he looked at the photos of me in my variuos out fits as id long for him to show me what he had on offer to see if was man enough as the spark was lit but as i looked at him well here i am big boy come on lets see wat ur made of u have my attension at that time i didnt realise that there wass some one else he had into w i should of known and it wasnt till a few weeks later that i found out the hard way siily me as he collected another heart to add to his collection and looking back on it thats what i was as i sit here realising that he just used me to make his fancy piece jealous evevn though he has been out side the building always with some one else with no expernation in the offing or any reaconsillyation ether still im better off with out him and in fact the others are no better either but its there loss not mine at least i can say ive broken no mans heart and in the futer if there an aries ofr a pieces i shall walk away less heart ake that way its strange that all the blokes i once knew and there hasnt been that many thats its allways ended up the same way all full of promiss and nill reasults i guss he wasnt the man he should of been thats why hes wwith her and not me but it should of been me after all his promices well typicle man

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