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time to meet the jay birds that vist the garden which i call fine gael and finanna fail i called the that after the 2 great pollitical great partys in ireland

October 30, 2012

they realy are a couple of cheeky chappies  they are like a magpie but they are lite brown with a blue and red colour wings as they sit on the fence making this funny noise  as they swoop down to pick up a tasty morcell  and run up and down the fence as they sit on the pounds edge and watch jt and the  boys in the pound for a few moments  but over the time i have been here there have been some unsall visitors to the garden like before the trees grew up  about 5years ago i loooked out the window and sitting y the pound there was this big grey herron at first i thought it was a plastic one that had been chucked out the window as it sat there but as soon as i opened the door it flew off and never reaturned  then there was this tan spotted one with a long pointed beek  that came a visting 

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