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time to go back to 1969 and meet darren and treavor the sheep

October 31, 2012

i must admit when my aunt and uncle desided to get a couple of sheep  i was a bit apprehensive about having to feed them .and feeding them with the bottle was hard as i had to test the warm milk with my arm to make sure it was the right temperature as i didnt want to burn them as i put the teet on the bottle and held with my fingers tightly as i said come along boys feeding time now i hope that u dont try to pull the wool over my eyes .now darren he could suck for england as the nearly pulled me over as i could feel his wet mouth against the rubber teety and in no time he had goobled the lot and got the nick name the oxfordshire gobbler where cleaver trevor sucked it much more slowly and they grew in no time with in a few monthes they was fully grown  and bleet all the time asking for more food i allways thought they was a bot wooly headed  as they looked at me with thous sheep eyes of theres 

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