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time to go back to 2006 and how the designs and why they started in the first plase

November 8, 2012










t all started with trying to impress kieth of wood green things werent working out and on my part befotre i found out that he had a girlfriend called nat  so i went into batty  fashions and perwaded him and his brother if i made the patterns and draw up the outfits so after a few weks my collection would be ready for the launch called suddution kieth i remamber that woodgreen would be the best place to start my campain as i thought where would be a good plase in time to start as i had to boorrow a lot of money so that i had some thing to offer if he didnt like one particular out fit at first i dreaded the thought of getting on the 243 bus in a 1970s out fit with a modern twist after all id only seen on a record poilot cover what these marvolous desingers had crated in the past and how mmy interpation of them would look and wear like as i got  on the bus after monthes of proplems with the designs as i spent most of my time going back wards and forwards to the shop some times 5times aday as i went buy where he used to work by this time it was 2008 and 2 yearshad passed as i got offf the bus as he was out side the shop the first one was a brown leather out fit but he didnt make any comment as i gave him his new trainers that i promist him one pair he said was to cheep onnly likked he designer ones a few weks went by and i told him after 14yesrs how i felt abouut him even thou over the time i wrote him letters hinting as he said i know what u want any way the weeks went by and the last thing i got him was the new wtfordd foot ball strip and he said u know how im fixed when i gave him also his fone it had to be the best nothing else would do for his nibbs any way on may the 2nd 2008 he killed our friendship and got me banned from his work and the boss threated me and the dream was dead so no more hand holding for me it took allong time to get over him betaile on his part then a few mmonthes went by and along came ptor and the same thhing happend ansd agaiin i was fased with trying to desing out fits to see if the situation would b ifferent this time after i found out that he hadd a girlfrient yyes called nat andd after a furios row he banned he from his shop must be a londonn thing  i then went to dalston to see wat thhey thought of my out fits but it wasnt going to go anywhere and i knew ptors mate lived there and visted the market and i sexy guy called mic but he o had a girlfriend  then the gentall aurther asked me to do some intervews for his blog and as they say the rest is history as for the guys they just took wat they waannted and  i waas left broken hearted and in dept and on my own

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