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time to look at scorpio which is wat i am end of part 37

November 18, 2012




october 24th to november 22nd a fixed water sign in the 8th house the house of death scorpio has been found to affprd to one class of human form when rising a near approch to serpents in the expression of counterness especially in the eyes and mouth scorpio has enormous stamina and make a come back like a phoeenix like ariers mars is scorpios rular a femamine sign  knows wat i want stubbon ruthless extrealy loal and expects it back can be jealous vindictive and deamands commitment does nt stand or take fools lightly suductive sexy humious star signs to get on with cancer pieces but in my own case i dont get on with them and capricorn men i find to critacal aries men the sexy ram i find hurtfull

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