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time to look at my faviort shops and the products that i used to use and we dont see any more sadly

November 19, 2012




 well my faviort shop where i allways get my draws from is debinhams it a marilos shop with so much to see and i always get my size 10 draws from there in fact the other day i got some with tweety pie on them in pink i reamber that p.t.o.r.had a pink teashirt with him on any way take a look at debinhams then for me electrics it has to be currys i tell you the delevery driver wow he was magnivisent hunk of a man and price less and barrotts and primark and unizeysthey have a great sellection of shoes the products i used to use was homo washing powder it really got my smalls all clean and bright ans sunlight washing up liqiud and some sent which my aunt had some called a evening in paris it smelt nice  and choc ise and chips and when i came out of debinhams there was this man in the grey van who took my pic need i say more he was sexy

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