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as its time to look at food shopping and where i go to shop in hackney bethnall green and islington county 2012

November 21, 2012





well we dont have much choice in bethnall green sadly but i like tescos for shopping but greggs makes the best doughnuts in town  and marks and sparks makes the best custard tarts and when im in hackney i go there or if im in isling ton county where p.t.o.r.has his strong hold i will vencher in to sainsburys for there apple tarts once you have tasted one of theres u wont want any one elses there great mind u now that i get photoed every wher e i go now i usally go early to isling ton  as the isling ton men are in the pub on the corner but there are some great shops in isling ton like h and m great hats ive got intotal 30 and i havent got a thing to wear and when i was trying to impress paul it took me four hours to decide wat to wear by the time i went to his shop he was nearly closeing typical man and then that was only for a few mins i saw him as i thought at  the time as he sat there and looked then it took me three hours to put all the things off the bed and put them away again and in the end i wore the first out fit i pulled out the cupbord as i left pauls sweets i got him from san isburys so vist today

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