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shoes shoes and more shoes part 2

November 21, 2012




sice doing the monochrome pics with sara of course i had to buy even more and on my vists to wood green barratts store i managed to get  some lovley green ones  and some yellow ones but like in anything that i buy i have to go and have a look 3 or four times before i buy  and like anyother shop u could garrenty quialty  and style at a senible price its a shame they never come to bethnall green may by one day as i said to the mana ager in priceless in wood green can u come to set up shop in our town as weve only the one  with no choice in sizes and they could do with the compertion after all im 40 not 90 i want to exsite the men but i cant with there foot ware oh well now wat am i going to do but to say thankyou barratts for many pleasurable shopping buying trips  and  many men who had there heads in there hands while i decided how many pairs to buy mind u i have to go shopping on my own now the men have all gone now that i knew still i still got my shoes and boots i was looking in the cupords 5 ofb them and i found pairs that i brought and for got i had  shame i could get sara to do the pice in colour but she only works in mono chrome but ive put other pics on line of the great shoes of barratts and price less so if u see one of there stores in your area go there they are the best in town 

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