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the city gents on the district line train from mile end east london

November 28, 2012

its was a typical monday morning at mile en d staion as i put ones cig out in the bin outside as i go in and ponder my situation whether the train will be on time or dealayed as one goes through the turnstyles as the platform is packed with all thous men in ones well pressed suits some have jeans on with a crease in the frount well hes married as i notise the guy looking at one as i thing not on your nelly mr i dont entertain ,men that are married as the jawax indercater board shows when the next train is coming in as the train pulls into the staion the other people rush off like in a marrathon like in a olimpic race .as we all get on as this common little man holds on to the over head hand rail above my head as i give him a filthy llook as i have his smelly arm pit in  my face i do with they would use roll on stale sweet and onions is not in the middle of my street as they say and i think the people should get a meddle if they have to put up with pongeyarmpit every day as the moobile fones ring up and down the carrage like in a telepone exchange.i must admit i was glad to get off the train

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