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the fluffy white clouds in the summers sky 2012

November 29, 2012




as one sits in ones chairby the window is where i do my work i look up and see the fluffy white clouds drifting by in the bright blue i stare its like different shaped the clouds make like oh look theres a dragon as it sails by then a big horse ,a big dog as it seems all quite untill a plaine travels by it looks like a toy one in the sky and then its all is left is the white plain e trail which seems to go on for the sun makes an apperance through the clouds as nature puts on its yellow lighting dissplay,as the yallow light bounces up and down and around as its shines through the window it catches my brouch and sents different colours around the room of reds blues and orange and green what a wonderfull sight to be seen then from nowhwere at all the geese fly by and i here a faint quaking noise as they fly in formation like in an airo dissplay as i thing they were hear this time yersterday at the same time as the man walks by with his old dog as i thing we are all creachers of hapbit  even i

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