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Asnap shot in time 2012 in bethnall green

November 30, 2012

one was walking up to tescos in bethnall green the other day when i saw these two guys was walking behind me ,the sexy one of the two said i like your costume .i was wearing my white long soat with black fake for collor they was about in there 20s one had a little beard one was clean shaven so the sexy one with the beard said going somewhere nice dressed like that ? so one said no just to tescos oh me said is that all .so i went and got ones bits and when i came out he was sitting in his white van smoking a cig and gave me a big grin and licked his lips i thought at the time what a big tounge he had as he took ones foto as i walked by i said see u laters u guys i was temted to say have u got a girl friend ur looking realle cool what ur thinking id love to get with u but one didnt have the neave oh well its up to the guy to make the first moove as they say

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