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The final part of the outfits2012 part 5 its time to hang up my my desings after all this time now the last ones are finally done

December 30, 2012



br_0002been a long road and a costy one as for the guys i tryed to impress none of them came through nil reasults but like anything else they had there time .and becme so expensive it was not possible to do anymore as the unit cost of the leather over the years have gone up and up and up as the men left my life and the otheres mooved away .but life has its cycles i often get asked wheres the emtertainment gone like crossroads soap opera my time with paul in his shop is finally dead and has been for ni on 3 years now  but i will still vist the boys in there shop from time to time

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  1. Libby Hall permalink
    December 30, 2012 10:06 am

    I wanted to leave this comment under the blog above – about the outfits. But you know computers and their funny ways! It will only let me leave it under this part.

    What I wanted to say about the outfits is: No matter what – the outfits have been seen and admired by many thousands of people on Spitalfields Life, and in the streets of London. And, though, they were so expensive, they were worth every penny. They are a special kind of Art. An Art Form all your own – you can be very proud of that.

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