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time to go back to when one did prison visting of one of my pen palls to 1993

December 30, 2012

IT was decided in the local gay group that i should be the one to try to help this lonley gay man .befri him as he had written in to the for the group and as i was on the commity at the time .i should go any way after a few weeks of wrighting he sent me a visting order to vist him .so i agreed to go  i must admit i wasnt really realishing the thought and i thought at least it will be a friend if nothing else lets face it gay men and i have never really seen eye to eye  even thou i try to have a board church policy as they say and if it helped some one then all well and good as one says any way i met him and he told me the sad story of the demise of his boyfriend .as i listend and thats why he was there i think he was generly sorry and i hope our chat helped him i went to vist one more time and told the others about how he was getting on in there and he came from islington county any way one day the letters stoped coming then we had one in the group to say hed been tras ferd to another prison and found him self a feller but i was annoyed to think he never even said thanks for helping him or good bye  but i was glad he found a feller

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