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well as another year will be finally coming to a close 2012 id like to wish all my readers a happy new yearoichchinn bliana anbhliannua a cheiliuradh.flwyddyn dydh vlydhenn

December 30, 2012





viscountessboudica_0068pennvlydhen 2012and a happy new year 2013 on tuesday i wish you all a beat one ever and all your wishes come true and a big thank you to all my readers from cornwall ireland england usa germany wales dedwyddblwyddyn newydd and for all my readers in ireland athbhliain faoi mhaise  i must admit wrighting my bolg was the hardest thing i ever did about my life as it was and how it is now and the men who gave nothing in reaturn and if one good thing comes of it that if your in the situation  that i was my advise is walk away and learn from my misstakes as i sit here i have known many dodjie charictors in my time and some of the really bad events i had to leave out as u find if a situation is to bad the mind cuts it out and as time goes on u never forget you just learn to live with it happy new year when boudica will ride once again on her bandwaggon .

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