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well my time is nearly up on the blog about how things were but if you thought the other ones were bad now its time to take a final look at the baddys so lets go to 1983 and the little gay group of old braintree town

December 30, 2012




s_0004so are you sitting comfortably?its strange with these bifolko guys which at the time if i gave u a mars bar and a kit kat u never would be happy even thou you just have eaten both asa i said to this terrible indervissial which really got on my nerves ess what you think ?this person it was found out by the police in 1983 had more names than anyone and unfortually at the time he had no where to stay as he apparently was with his girlfriend and they parted in the county town of chelmsford in essex no one else would put him up so as i was lent on to help him so foolishy i agreed for untill he found some where else from the first night there was trouble we had a terrible fight then i found him with a guy and a girl in his bed smoking wacky backie  he used to go out down the local pubs and come back drunk as a skunk with different blokes even though he said he didnt have no money and his finally exerpade was to break into the electric meaters and steel all the money there was a old box when the owner called the police it had 17 different ids in it they was all him and that at the time put me off bifolkos type guys then of course any guys untill big a wot a total skinking rotter that he was

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