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as its time to say a final good bye to keith and paul the pigs as i talk about them

December 31, 2012

boudica_0014boudica_0012redd_0002boudica_0021ITSoften said because that pigs are dirty animals well they arent really they roll in the mud beause they dont have any sweat glands and in the summer thats how they keep cool other wise they would over heat and when there in there pens if they have one no2s they will go in the corner  and they are very intelligent so never underestermate them .

skrifedh gans viscountess boudica denvorgilla scarlet redd.

starring kith and paul the pigs 4 legged ones .

also kieth and paul the 2 legged ones .

gonedlek powl.

lymnans one self.                                       keshorra visscountess redd                                              from an idear by mark petty.

duwre dallo dhy hwi redyans 2012

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