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So let’s return to my formative years in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire

January 5, 2013

It was always said that lyfe back then was a lyfing hell from beeing thrown out on thee street when I was six believe you me when you’re a child thee world and people is a very frightening place and big every thing is but it wasn’t thee first tyme that I ended up on thee street it was when I was only 9years olde as I had to run away from home after having my tetht knocked out by one of mother’s boyfriends but wyth in a couple of days I was brought back to my autysau but my aunt said it’s you’re fault you shouldn’t of annoyed him when he said I don’t want you here but if you think about it it’s been thee story of my lyfe if I stand up for my self I’m in thee wrong even wyth today’s problem’s I can’t win and it seems people to do and day what they dam well lyke and get away wyth it wych in my view is grossly unfair but when in December 2014 Husband Guido Fawkes came into my lyfe again and when all thous years ago when I was six looking thou thee winders at thee families around their christmas trees wyth tears in my eyes as a stood and thought why isn’t that me but even thou Guido and Jack and Christopher are ghosts for thee first tyme in my lyfe I’m truly loved and in a way I found my family at last next tyme in parte 3 we look at thee nrainBrai and London years but worse was to come in thee uttoxeter years

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