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well as you know that braintree has many ghosts from the living ghosts of braintree bank street and the braintree and witham t imes office is haunted soits time for the headless horseman of old cressing village from 1987 they say

January 8, 2013

DSCF0080DSCF0192DSCF0097CNV00011CNV00014reddI have seen many ghosts in my time  and the earilyist recorlation is the monks fouting over the road at walternburt but the most frighting of all was back in 1987 so are you ready?sitting comfortably then i shall begine this is when ted used to live inbraintree so we thought we would vist the local pub i old cressing called the ashes on aprill 21st so off we set oh its not that far we have only enough for 2 cokes and a packet of crisps so i thought oh why not along the winding old road down ashes road i had heard storys about this headless horse man so i told ted the said no such thing as ghosts he said okay i said but i do he said its a trick of the immagination about a ol wifes tail any way we evenchally got to the pub about 10pm not many in here i thought so we played a game of darts i allways win so it was time to go along the dark road no street lights all you could here was the owls hooting all around i reamember saying to ted i dont like this it was so dark wheres the moon when you want one i thought as we tryed not to go on to the grass as we passed the house all you could see was there light shinning through the curtains oh hurry up  ted i said as it was just the dark road up ahead as i looked in to the disstance i could see a light with a red glow thats funny i daid to ted why what do you mean he said ?well i haven seen one light that before then the moon came from out the clouds so he said it must be a new sodium type light no it cant be it lokks like a old gas one all of a sudden we could here hoof s coing from behind ted said some ones out riding late wat at this time of night it felt very cold all of a sudden this horse rearred up in frount of us and there was this figger on it in this black cloke as the horse nayed loadly ythe figger just stopped in frount of us look hes got no head i said to ted as the cloke moove d to the side and there was his head under his arm as the moon shine on the guys fase it looked like a man with grey long hair with a long beard all of a sudden there was this laugh and then he was off down the road you could here the horse hoofs as they went towards the main braintree road then all of a sudden he came back passed us and him and the old lamp was gone and darkness reaturned as we could see the cressing road street lights as we came on to the main road as i turned to ted well mr biggey now do you beleve me he said well it must be true as i have seen it with my own eyes i tell you i slep with the hall light on for 6 years after that

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