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in the last of the ghost storys i go back to 1985 at stansteadairport along the elseenham road and the giant flying creachers from another time

January 9, 2013

PTDC0436PTDC0435DSCF0077AT the time in september 1985 i was working for the catering firm as a prep assistant we always had our tea breaks in the caravan just out side mis t and miss c and sean and i shall never for get this particular afternoon when they desided to make a weejie board out of pieces of paper with the letters around a glass they was arranged in a circle on the out side and the glss in the middle as we put our fingers on the top of the upturned glass as it spelt out seans name i took my finger off as they continued i didnt know wheather they were mooving it or was it for realle so i left them to it as i stood out side of of the girls said as the message was for sean i went in to the main bulding as i had heard storys of if the glass goes black and i wasnt going to find out thank you when the others came in they never said what had happend after i came in but a couple of days later i was walking up the elsemham road to the airport i reamember the sun was just coing up low in the sky to my right it was very red as i continued along and as it was first thing in the morning theres was no one on the little country road i stopped and lit up a cig when all of a sudden theres was this woosh of air as i thought that plkanes a bit low as i looked up it looked like there was 4 of them just above my head very low about 5ft as i could see this this long wing span it must of been about 9ft across and as itturned one of them it had the longest beak ive ever seen with like a long spike sticking out of its head and the other 3 were all the same with these long beaks and one had like a orange colour piece on its head the underneath was orange blue and these long claws with in a couple of seconds as i tryed to take a drag woosh they was gone and the forse nearly blew me over as i had to pick up my cig off the road but it was the piersing big orange eyes and the smell like something had been dead for a long time as i continued down the road thinking did that really happen or was it because they dabbled with that home made wejieboard as i went into the caravan evenchalkly miss c said are u okay cup cake they called me you look like you have seen a ghost so i said 4 actually and i said next time you do that wejie board leave me out of it cos i wont be in the same room as when you do that  still sends a shiver down my spine for years afterwards not now thou  i allways thought that they were dangerous things wejie board home made or any sort

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