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the headless horseman part 2 the reaturn 5years later so back to april 21st 1992

January 9, 2013

FOR5 years since ted left the area and mooved back to london and went to live in the plase called finsbury park which is in the northan part of the city into lodgines anyway as the years passed unfortually the day in april we was allways busy so it was now or never to see wheather the headless horseman was just a one off and this time i was going to try to take a pic so then we would have vissall proof to take to the braintree and witham times and essex chronical which is based in then was the county town of essex before it bbecame a city  any way lets go back to aprill 20th 1992 are you sitting comfortalbey then i shall begine its 630pm as i was waching the tv the fone rang it was ted hullo old bean he said can you still do saturday as i have to come to do some shopping in the town as you know from my preavious vists in the past there are no shops here in fisbury park that have what i want are you sure you want to do this he said ? but we have to do every thing that we did that day 5years ago now have you still got the out fit you was wearing that day now surly ted you cant expect me to wear that old thing thats long out of date i dont mind wearing the boots but really its a bit much i dont even know if i have still got it let alone if it will still fit see you on saturday as i thought now where did i put then boring old slacks that i haven wore ni on for 5 years now as i pulled the old case of the top of  the wardrobe as i managed to find it as i looked at the dark slakes and pink and purple patterned top thinking to ones self how daggey did i really wear that old thing well really as i took it to the sink and washed it and span it dry ready to put it out in the morning at last saturday came ted came up and did his shopping and slipped on a bit of greatfriute in the market plase typical man any way as the day progressed it was time once again to put on my clothes that i wore all them years ago the wheather was like it was before cold as we walked down ashes road wondering wheather if things would happen in the same sequance of events like before as ted was old now as i said come along keep up we got to the 3 ashes pub at the same time the only differace was the day wasd ifference wwe had our cokes played darts and with camera left and walked up the long road back to braintree as i thought are we doing the same thing ? any way we passed the last house on the left and passed the fields i said to ted i dont think this will happen as the time was getting on as i looked at my watch it was 1110pm as we continued alaong our way oh look said ted theres that light where i said?oh yes as i quickend my pase and was underneath it as i tryed to touch it my hand went straght through it s pole but the red light flickerd like it did before so we waited in antissapation for a show of the head less horseman by this time it was 1149pm hes not coing i said come on i felt dissapointed typical man then all of a sudden there was this stiff brezee and as the moon apperd from the clouds there was a erery silence all of a sudden we started to here the hoof s on the old road quick get the camera ready ted said as all of a sudden he was in frount of us on his horse witjh these big black big boots on his feet as the arm pulled away hs cloke as he brushed it a side there was his head with the same expression as before like he haddend aged as i took the photo he shot off at high gallop and when we walked to the end of the road he was in front of us again i said to ted you dont think hes annoyed we took his foto do you ? i dont know as he opened his cloke and then coverd his head up and mooved his arm to the side like he was bowing and then vanished with the old lamp as we hurred back to my house we had a cup of tea and looked at the poto which i took on my intermatic camera that comes out the bottom oh no its blalnk now what do we do i said ?ted said we tryed looks like he had the last laugh after all and as for the old stuff i wore i put the in the bin i wasnt going to wear that again the end


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