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so i went back to islington countyn1

January 15, 2013





s_0014as you all know by now that islington is in northan london and the guys there are on the posh side and unlike anything else i tell you one was in the bank and i tell you there was one or two that well what can one say i thought it was christmas reaturned as there was this eye candy in the bank with his cute little beard and his was wearing his base ball cap with his foot ball black bag with addisas on it i thought to my self what can it mean all day i dream about s.x well lets put it this way dont bother to give wrapp him i will have him as he is i will say this for islington there cirtainly men there if only we could do with some fun in bethnall green makes a change from being told your the wrong colour and the new well old sayings that the younger ones have to say for them selfs oh yes thats it fagg white pig or bitch im so glad that the schools have reamemberd thous so out of 1970s date insults of years ago that are still used in tower hamlets today

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