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the beggers at old street station 2013

January 17, 2013

you woulnt think that in 21st centrey britain that beggers would be still on the streets begging for money but unfortually its still much in everdence today as i go to get the bus to go to islington county n1 i cut through the old street station and there is the guy with his little dog shivering in the cold winters day with his paper cup on full show as the city slickers walk on by some stop to give any small change as they pass by as he askes any change please for a cup of tea or something to eat as he shoffles his feet as the dog is fast asleep sometimes i try to give the dod something to eat and there they are in all wheathers sitting there as i walk on there s another guy sitting by the stares with shoes that have seen better days as they are falling off his feet with old age as he too beggs for some change to its sad to see why these guys have somehow been left behind on the scrap heep surley some one could offer them a little job ? but worce of all is the old man looking in the trach cans for something to eat how he can do that i dont know how as he finds a tasty morcell and chomps away on it and to the next bin he goes how he dont catch something i will never know but there you go

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