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the street lights in the snow 2013

January 20, 2013

AS the street lights switch on in the twlight world of this january winters day with it bright glow as each one comes on they light the snow in different ways some have a pink tinge some have a cold blue as you know white light is made of all other colours as the lights light there way all is carm but only for an second then as a car slipps about on the icey road service weveing its way as slow as it can go as the birds in the trees make there way to the tops of the street lights as they jossle for possition for warmth as an owl flys by where did that come from? you dont normanly see owls in this part of london town as the pathments are a sheet of ice as you can see the reafections of the grey buildings in the ice like looking in a mirror or looking glass as the snow falls even more in london town it must be 2inches deep by now at only 34deggrees farenhite asa the sky grows darker now as nature shows there gown of white in this oh so cold night .

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