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time to go back towoodgreenn22 in 2013

January 28, 2013


so one set off to vist woodgreen once again to go on a man hunt as one walked by the bus station toilets as these guys was waiting to go inside as i walked by to see what they was getting up to when this guy said you cant come in here so i said oh is that the mens i was wondering why you was all standing in a que any way i went on my way and it rained and rained and the wind was so strong it broke my umbrella thet dont make them like they used to when this hunky irish guy said i like your red boots i thought is that all you like as one looked him up and down as he went on his way just as i was about to say have you got a girlfriend your looking reall cool can i have  your number wat you thinking ? but it rained so heavy so he met up with his mates men as i went into the trad secondhand shop to look at the boots they were all too big or to small but they have lots of second hand shops there so if your over thast way go and see

oh yes i saw this big guy built like a shouse with a white shoulder bag on his arm wearing docmartinsboots big black ones and on his arm he had a white shoulder bag as i said to him the bag allways must match the shoes as he grunted as he went on his way men

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