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time to go back to the plases i once knewas no ones is interseted and hope finally died out in finding a man who thinks he can 2013

February 1, 2013


so this week ive been visting the old haunts of the past  life to see if anything had changed since i last tramped the streets  as there aint no point in looking in this place anymore so in the week i revisited wood green yes there are guys there but findings are that they too are mostly taken by some one so then i revisted braintree to see what had changed the difference is that what one used to call the braintree biggerted boiler  back in 1994 has died out theres a much younger croud there now as they gointo the braintree freeport and quite a few went from liverpool strret to go shopping there but like here no single men oh dear still next week its off to pasters new on my continuing quest to find a english man who thinks he can be a pertentiall boyfriend material we will see as i go nationwide as they say


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