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time for pancake day on febrary 12th 2013

February 9, 2013

so get you r frying pans ready once again so heres the reispy


first of all you will need 4ozs of plain flour

i egg

half a pinch of salt

half a pint of milk

1 oz of lard of cooking oil if one prefers

one large mixing bowl one frying pan 8inch or 10inch

what to do next sive flour salt into a mixing bowl drop in beaten egg in the center stir hard then add milk untill allthe flour is folded in beet hard for 5mins then leave to stand for one hour then heat frying pan electric setting 4 with the fat in when hot add mixture then after a few secs toss pan and cook untill brown add sugar and leamon juice as desired

have a happy pancake day now x

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