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as st valentines date looms once again 2013 14th february

February 11, 2013


I must admit that dreaded day february 14th looms yet again as yet again there will be no cards coing through my door no change there then  and its come to the stage where the joke is no longer funny  and i must admit i desspice the day intencley and allways glad when its gone as year on year out the same pedictable old thing where you see every one with arms full of flowers chocs and champane its not that im jealous its just that no  one thinks that im not worth the price of a card perhaps its the red spicky tail and the horns why men dont want to play in this plase even thou i haven got a spiky tail or horns the way that i nget treated you would think so oh yes but of course im the wronge color how stupid of one any way have a happy st vallentines day february 14th 2013

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