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time to reaturn to wood green high street march 2013

March 21, 2013


like all high streets in anywhere you vist these days shops come and go so i went on tuesday afternoon to hmv in wood green as it will be shutting its doors on saturday for the last time as i reamember the first time i ever visted the store back in 1994  and brought a vinal record boys own and i brought many from there like justin timber lake cds and 12inch singles and like all the other stores that you come to know have sadly mooved or gone to other plases like barratts priceless toys are us woolworths tempo they used to sell electrical goods safeway perasons the posh shop they sold every thing in there jessops and a shop that used to sell things like plasic flowers imn a way its sad to see such well known names dissapear like comet in tottenham hale and wonder who will reaplace these shops now as progress mooves on

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