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welcolme failte croeso, its time to reamember the electric kitchen clock part 2 0f 7 from 1950s to the 1980s

March 21, 2013

i must say the battery clocks we have toi day are so noisy unlike the ones in the past which were silent running and they had a chariter of there own  and sadly have all but dissapeard from our kitchen walls there was many great makes but the one that stood above the others was the smiths sectric it was a red clock with large white figers like a dinner plate but there was other makes metamic in these wonderfull shapes and decings and sizes the last ones appered in the shops in braintree was in 1982 by smiths a large orange one i reamember seeing it in the shop window saved the money up but it had been sold only 5mins before and they said at the time oh they only had that one left and coulnt get any more but like anything else they were made to last and were sylish and well made

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