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croeso failte. dynnargh, welcolme as i look back at the twin tub washer.1975to 1989 part 3of 7

March 22, 2013

well theres nothing like doing ones draws in a twin tub boy there was hard work and you could garrenty that the washing would be well clean and bright and they dont use half as much water as a auto matic does i reamember the first one i came across it was a hoover from the 1960s as i filled it full of water and switched on the washer the water went every where and i got soaked as i foirgot to put the lid over the washer but i had to admit they do spin better and even thou you have to pull the washing out of the washer and rince it in the sink and then put it back into the spinner they do get the washing clean and they even make then to day and they can be easily mooved about

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  1. Libby Hall permalink
    March 23, 2013 2:23 pm

    I loved my first twin tub. I remember how excited I was the first time I used it. No more treks to the laundrette, no more washing things in the bath.

    Now I take the automatic for granted and don’t love it like I did my old twin tub.

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